Your portraits are a piece of art!

They deserve better than a folder on your computer!

Products. Professional Photograher, Antwerpen/Belgium

Your family pictures deserve better than a folder on your computer or a CD in your drawer.

Even though I’m an Internet addict I would like you to be able to admire your best pictures years from now.

Showing to your grandchildren pictures of their mom as a newborn and telling them more about your family history. Those are the kind of memories I want to create for you.

I select only the top quality professional labs and providers.

  Special photoalbums of different formats in a personalized box!  

Products. Professional Photograher, Antwerpen/Belgium

Your personalised video clips with your favourite photos! Let your photos show the best memories accompanied with special music that I always choose very carefully!  

Individual portrait photoshoot!

The best photos in the videoclip!

Products. Professional Photograher, Antwerpen/Belgium
Products. Professional Photograher, Antwerpen/Belgium

Children Photoshoot!

Your best photos in the video clip

Products. Professional Photograher, Antwerpen/Belgium

Photoalbum Format L

Photoalbum Format XL

Photoalbum Premium PRO

Personalized experience

Every session is custom tailored to your family and individual needs.

My aim is to make your photography experience as stress free as possible. Your photo session must remain in your memories as nice positive experience, not as an additional stress.

Your photo-session will be quality time with your family away from the hustle and bustle of your day routine.

Time and talent of the photographer

I’ll use both my artistic view and technical knowledge in order to create the best pictures for you.

I have extensive photography experience and perpetually train and further educate myself.

Your newborn and baby’s safety is my priority.

I have a soft gentle approach to your little ones and love playing and running around with older kids.

Making it happen

Managing your busy family schedule may look impossible. Every new appointment you add is a new challenge.

I’ll be present for you before your session in order to help you with the preparation.

After the session I’ll guide you thought the different options in order to preserve your memories in the most beautiful way.

Do you like what you see?

Would you like to book your session?

 Do you have any additional questions?

 Do not be shy,

call me or send me an e-mail!

Products. Professional Photograher, Antwerpen/Belgium